The concept of the fabric that became Pertex was an idea of Hamish Hamilton, who some 30 years ago discovered that moisture would move along the microscopic capillaries within a woven fabric, spreading over a larger surface where it quickly dried.

Hamish brought his idea to Perseverance Mills Ltd, a Lancashire textile manufacturer specializing in very lightweight, tightly woven synthetic fabrics used in dot matrix printers for the rapidly growing data processing industry.

The Pertex brand was born and, with it, garments such as the Buffalo Double-P system that was the forerunner to what we now know as ‘soft-shell’. Hamish claimed that the (Double-P) Pertex / pile system would protect against 1/2” / hr rain fall and up to 50 mph winds.

It was in the mid 1980’s that Rab Carrington began to use Pertex for the shell of his down clothing and sleeping bags, replacing the much heavier fabrics that were used at the time. We soon discovered that Pertex was not only lighter, but it dried more quickly, was softer, allowing the down to loft to its maximum and was comfortable against the skin. It was these attributes that led Pertex to become the recognised leader in high performance fabric technology.

Our heritage of staying true to our British roots for over thirty years has led us on a path of continuous innovation to deliver the best end-use focused fabrics in the business. It is because of this dedication to innovation and excellence that the Pertex brand is now partnered with the most prestigious brands in the outdoor industry.