Caring For Your Pertex® Down Jacket

Whilst your down jacket may need less frequent washing than your waterproof, over extended heavy use dirt and oils can build up on both the fabric and the down fill.


Due to complex constructions and large amount of down fill, we recommend that expedition and large box wall down jackets be cleaned professionally.

Before washing always read the care label inside the jacket and follow any specific instructions provided. Close all zips, fasten any Velcro straps and ensure the pockets are empty.

For the best results we recommend using a specific down cleaning product such as Nikwax Down Wash Direct®.

In order to ensure that the down is completely dry and maximum loft is restored, we recommend tumble-drying your jacket on a low setting. Adding a few tennis balls to the tumble drier with your jacket will prevent the down clumping.

Tumble-drying your down jacket will help to restore the fabric’s durable water repellent (DWR) finish.