Through collaboration and innovation we are continually looking to push the boundaries of fabric design. Below are a range of technologies which can be applied to Pertex® fabrics to provide additional performance and environmental benefits.


Pertex® Diamond Fuse fabrics use yarns with unique diamond shaped filaments. These filaments lock together to create a durable and highly abrasion resistant fabric. This engineered structure allows Diamond Fuse fabrics to remain very stable over extended wear and washing.


Pertex® Y Fuse fabrics use yarns with unique Y shaped filaments. These filaments create tightly interlocking structure, which improves the downproof and water beading properties of the fabric. This structure also means that Y Fuse fabrics remain highly stable over extended wear and washing.


Pertex Super DWR is five times more durable to washing than standard water repellent finishes, maintaining 80% if its water shedding performance after one hundred washes.


Our PFC Free DWR provides excellent water repellency without the use of perfluorinated compounds.


Pertex® Eco fabrics represent our commitment to sustainable fabric design, development and production. By utilising recycled yarns, we reduce our demands for raw materials.