Episode 3: Shifting Sands

A tale of the friendship and camaraderie, set amongst the sandstone pillars and desert of Wadi Rum.

Climber Rob Durran teams up with Abdallah, local Bedouin and founder of Jordan’s first climbing club. Together they travel to the remote Jebel Suwebit, following in the footsteps of the old Bedouin hunters who created the first routes through the mountains.

A maths teacher from England, it seems unlikely that Rob Durran would become one of the most active and prolific climbers to frequent the wadi, but for the last fifteen years Rob has spent most of his free time in the desert. Hosted by the Bedouin on each of his trips without exception, he’s formed a bond and a relationship with these ‘cheeky, honourable nomads that is hard to rival’

The Bedouin tribesmen of Wadi Rum learnt to climb in the mountains through necessity. For centuries they scrambled barefoot over sandstone towers on the hunt for ibex and hyrax as well as what little water the desert yields. But modernisation removed that need, and the old paths were lost.